Hollow Wood – Stand Up Paddle Boards

handcrafted with care

Petoskey, Michigan

We believe humans can enjoy nature without destroying it.

This is why we build eco-friendly hollow wood – stand up paddle boards, built to last a lifetime.


Because friends don’t let friends ride foam,

we make paddle boards that are eco-friendly from wood that is sustainably grown.


In 1873, the people living along the Little Traverse Bay named their settlement “Petoskey,” in honor of Chief Petosegay.  Chief Petosegay was born on the banks of the Kalamazoo River, moved north and was raised near the shores of the Little Traverse Bay near what is now Harbor Springs, Michigan.

139 years later, Chief Petosegay’s great-great-great-great granddaughter, Shawni, wanted to explore the waterways of northern Michigan.  She asked her father for a paddle board, but not just any paddle board.  With an instinct for earth care, Shawni wanted a paddle board made out of natural materials.

As a master carpenter, Shawni’s father, knew he could build her a paddle board out of wood that would give her an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic and foam boards that currently dominate the market.

In spring of 2012, Jason built the first Little Bay Board.  Shawni was able to experience a deeper connection with nature as she went exploring through waterways of northern Michigan on her custom built, hollow core wood paddle board.

Soon after, Jason began having a deeper connection with the folks in the beach parking lots, asking him where they got “that board!”  By summer of 2012, Little Bay Boards was born and Jason began building boards for other people who wanted an eco-friendly paddle board experience.

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Surprise Paddleboard Gift Giving

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