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Questions we often get at Little Bay Boards…

Each and every Little Bay Board is produced using the same hollow-core, eco-friendly concept utilizing only the finest hand picked materials.  From start to finish, our attention to detail results in unmatched beauty and quality providing the rider with a board that will last a lifetime.  Worldwide shipping is available on any Little Bay Board.


How much does a custom paddle board cost?

Our full custom boards begin with an initial consultation with Jason Thelen, Artist and Board Builder either in person or by phone to determine the specific look, ride style and application you desire.  Throughout the build process, you will be kept informed as to the progress of your new board.  All custom boards include a matching paddle.  Full custom boards start at $4,200 USD with additional enhancements available. Enhancements include: custom inlays, full body design and custom names or imagery. The customization is truly unlimited. You can share with Jason your enhancement ideas during your initial consultation.

How long does it take to make a Little Bay Board?

As long as it needs. Generally about four weeks once the design is finalized. The right woods and colors need to be found before production begins. Most of the year there is a waiting list around two-three months long.  We recommend contacting us as soon as possible to discuss production schedule on a full custom board. We occasionally do carry an inventory of our base boards or semi-custom boards for immediate shipping.

How long will a board last?

A lifetime. Since the invention of the epoxy in 1972 that we use, it hasn’t broken down yet. With the top shelf epoxy used as well as a top acrylic UV coat, there is very minimal of anything that needs to be done. Open and close the Vent is pretty much it. If you’re in the ocean…an occasional wash with fresh water don’t hurt. Pretty normal for salt water. I suggest not leaving the board in the sun for storage. UV rays are going to darken your board a bit. This is just a natural effect of fresh wood in the sun.

Leaving it in the sun all the time will darken the board more on the side that’s up than the side that’s down. Or say it’s in the same spot where there is a shadow in the same place all the time. It’ll develop a line where the sun doesn’t hit. Like when I have a board in a store window. If the light isn’t even there will be a line. It’s easy enough to even out by placing a blanket over the dark area for a day or two while leaving the other in the sun. But it is avoidable. Honestly. Let’s face it. You’re buying a really expensive board. Treat it accordingly and it’ll last longer than you will.

What types of activities are suitable for a board from Little Bay Boards?

Treat it like a board and it’ll last forever. My daughter’s board has been a board, a slide, a stage, a bridge, a sand castle base, landing strip for kites and so on.

Is there a weight limit?

Because boards are custom built according to the size and weight of the customer, there isn’t a limit. We will do the calculations for enough volume. However a user weight above 300 pounds does add cost.

Why are the boards hollow?

Using grade A , choice woods and high density fabrics for the glassing systems causes weight. A careful calculation of volume as well as shape and size is pretty easy to form with a series of spine and rib details once you know the formula. This supplies a lot of nothing on the inside of the vessel thus supplying a very light wood board. The first blueprint I used was gifted to me by Paul Jensen. After a year of heavy riding on all types of waters I added a few things to it. Adjusting rockers and such to really supply a quality ride.

Do you have an alternative to Full Custom designed boards?

Yes! Semi-custom boards are crafted using the same quality materials and techniques as full custom.  These boards are still built at the time of purchase, however the design aspects are left to the imagination of the board builder.  Semi-custom boards are constructed for all-around use. Semi-custom boards start at $3,200 USD, paddle included.

Do you build custom boards for customers outside of Michigan?

Yes! To date, Little Bay Boards has shipped custom boards worldwide, from Lake Geneva, Switzerland to Dallas, Texas and beyond.

Can you build more than just paddleboards?

Yes! One particular order included, by request, a matching wakeboard, proving to Jason that there’s far more opportunity to create boards other than SUPs.

Still have a question? We would be glad to answer any questions to help you pick the right board.

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