Customer Service (231) 753-2026 M – F 9am – 5pm EST

Customer Service (231) 753-2026 M – F 9am – 5pm EST




355 North Division Road
Petoskey, Michigan 49770
United States


Awaken Your Senses. Your Adventure Begins Here!

Feel the resonance of water like never before.

Ride hollow wood core.

When you ride on a paddleboard from Little Bay Bay Boards, you’re floating on wood, air and water.

Our boards are beautifully crafted in Petoskey Michigan from the finest hand picked sustainably grown lumber.

Because friends don’t let friends ride foam, we proudly make the following eco-friendly offerings to you…

Starting at $2,800, our In Stock – Ready to Ride boards allow you to start enjoying your hollow wood ride without the wait typically associated with our high demand custom builds.

Buy now, pick up locally or choose from our freight shipping options to recieve your board within 3 to 5 business days.

Starting at $4,200, let us build your dream ride.

Browse our Gallery to get some ideas, then schedule a design call with board builder Jason Thelen to start turning your SUP dreams into your paddle reality.



Creating stand up paddle boards from wood offers several advantages. Aesthetically, it produces a beautiful product, truly a work of art. Patterns and grains are revealed and pieced together to create something no one else can claim as their own.

Little Bay Boards strives to use reclaimed wood and locally-sourced materials when building your paddleboard. There are no chemical processes or polyurethane foam used in production. Strips of wood are meticulously chosen for their beauty and pieced together by hand, in a hollow board design glassed together with low VOC resin. Simple by design, but virtually indestructible.

On the water the waves and wood blend together allowing the rider to become as one for an experience that is unmatched by any commercially produced paddle or surfboard.